What Evidence is Needed in a Sexual Harassment Case?

Sexual harassment is one of the most traumatizing experiences anyone can undergo in the workplace. Fortunately, there are laws that protect employees from this kind of mistreatment. If you have experienced sexual harassment at work, you can pursue legal action against your harasser. However, the major problem lies in proving your sexual harassment in a court of law.

Below is a list of evidence you need to present to prove that someone harassed you when you file a sexual harassment claim.


A pro tip—if you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, compile any communications that can help prove that sexual harassment occurred. You are unlikely to win your case without proper documentation because the court cannot just rely on word of mouth.

These communications can include verbal communications, such as recordings and voicemails, or written communications like messages, emails, or other written documents. Pictures and videos of the incident can also be helpful in your case.

Attest That You Reported the Incident

The first thing to do if you have experienced sexual harassment at work is to report the behavior within your company. Unfortunately, in some cases, this may not correct the situation or even make things worse, mainly if retaliation occurs.

However, presenting enough proof that you reported the behavior to the relevant authority can serve as great evidence in court. It might also benefit you to show what action your employer did or did not take.

Your Employer’s Sexual Harassment Policy

Almost every company has a policy that defines sexual harassment at work and the consequences of this behavior. If your employer has a sexual harassment policy, you may need it for your case.

Contemporary Notes

Where there is no substantial evidence to prove that sexual harassment occurred, the case may be based on your word against that of the harasser. However, having a diary detailing the remarks of the harassment and your attempts to report or have the problem dealt with can still be beneficial. Failing to document incidents as they occur may lead to you forgetting small remarks that can help solidify your case.

Witness Testimonies

Witnesses can also play a significant role in strengthening your case. If you believe colleagues have witnessed the behavior, they may be needed to testify what they heard or saw. Having someone confirm that they saw you being sexually harassed can add important points to your case.

Get the Right Sexual Harassment Attorney to Assist You

Collecting evidence for your sexual harassment case can be extremely overwhelming, which is why you need professional help. If you have experienced sexual harassment, you need to hire sexual harassment attorneys with the proper knowledge and experience to handle your case.
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