Employment Law in Los Angeles County

Limonyan Law Group has a proven track record in helping Los Angeles County workers protect their rights. California workers should be protected, so we’re committed to offering the best possible legal representation. Once you reach out to us, we’ll review and evaluate your case to find the best legal options for your unique situation.

If your employer doesn’t respect your employment rights and you require the help of a Los Angeles employment attorney, protect your rights as an employee by seeking legal support from our law firm immediately.

Employment Rights in Los Angeles County

California labor and employment laws protect employees from discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. In addition, these laws protect employees from wrongful termination or retaliation. You also have the right to overtime pay, sick leave, and protection from sexual harassment. However, some employers violate these laws and threaten to take punitive measures against claimants.

 If you believe your employment and labor rights have been undermined, you have the right to sue your employer. The Los Angeles County employment attorneys at Limonyan Law Group have what it takes to guide you through the legal process and ensure you achieve a favorable outcome.

Wrongful Termination Action

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires an employee due to discrimination, retaliation, or medical reasons. If your employer discriminates against you and terminates you for confronting the situation, you have a right to file a claim.

While most employers can terminate employees at will, there are several exceptions to the rule. Some may include contract violations, sexual harassment, retaliation, and discrimination. If you have been wrongfully terminated in Los Angeles, our employment lawyers can help you file a lawsuit against your employer.

Whistleblower Protections

The whistleblower protection laws prohibit employers from taking punitive measures such as reducing pay, demoting, denying promotion, or firing employees who participate in whistleblower activities. Reach out to our Los Angeles employment attorneys if your employer violates your whistleblower protection rights.

Unpaid Wages

The dynamics of wage and hour laws can be complicated, particularly for independent contractors. At Limonjyan Law Group, we are equipped to resolve any wage and hour dispute. We won’t rest until you receive rightful compensation.

Workplace Harassment

Employee harassment is illegal in Los Angeles County. Workplace harassment occurs when employers treat employees less favorably due to their age, race, identity, association, or disability.

The team at Limonjyan Law Group will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are safeguarded. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have experienced sexual harassment or any other form of harassment at your workplace.

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