What are the Most Common Workplace Injuries for First Responders?

First responders and police officers put their lives on the line daily to keep their communities safe, and because of this, these workers are at a high risk of severe and fatal injuries. Unfortunately, first-time responders have a hard time recovering compensation for their workplace injuries.

Workers’ Compensation for First Responders

Worker’s compensation provides compensation for medical care and other damages sustained due to a workplace injury. Some common injuries of first-time responders include gunshot wounds, burns, and infections. 

Recovering worker’s compensation becomes difficult, especially when dealing with injuries that are hard to trace back to the workplace.

First-time responders suffering from workplace injuries could be out of their job for days, months, or years and may require thorough care to recover completely. Medical bills pile up quickly and can become expensive once the treatments are accounted for. Unfortunately, in most cases, worker’s compensation does not adequately cater to the accident’s aftermath.

Common Workplace Injuries for Law Enforcement

Police officers are responsible for property protection and peacekeeping in chaotic situations. This job comes with a lot of risks. Some of the most common injuries police and law enforcement suffer are overexertion, burns, muscle sprains, strain, and gun-related injuries.

Common Workplace Emergency Medical Services

The job of an emergency medical technician (EMT) could involve a physical altercation or transporting victims to the hospital. These technicians not only need to act quickly, but they need to follow a strict set of guidelines while handling emergencies.

Due to the job’s complexity, these professionals have a high probability of sustaining injuries at the workplace. Common injuries suffered by EMTs include slips and falls, overexertion, violent attacks, impact injuries, exposure to infectious diseases, and car accidents.

Common Workplace Injuries for Firefighters

Unlike police officers and emergency medical technicians, firefighters are less likely to face violent attacks and assaults. However, their job can lead to various types of injuries. From wildfires to stove fires, these professionals are in hazardous conditions and must face these situations fearlessly to save lives.

Firefighters suffer from smoke and heat-related injuries and are prone to injuries from hazardous weather, unstable buildings, and other unprecedented situations. The most common injuries include smoke inhalation, thermal stress, explosions, internal burns, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

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