In San Bernardino, all workers are protected by federal and state employment laws. If you work in San Bernardino, you have a right to a safe workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination of any kind. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as workplace problems do occur. When your rights as an employee are violated in the workplace, San Bernardino employment attorneys will step in to make things right.

Employee Rights in San Bernardino

Under San Bernardino employment law, employees enjoy many rights at their workplaces. These rights include access to a minimum wage of $14 per hour for organizations with 25 or more employees.

In addition, employees in San Bernardino enjoy protection against workplace discrimination and harassment. The county has made drastic advancements to provide equal opportunities for all workers.

San Bernardino is one of the few counties in the U.S. that offer LGBTQ protection for its residents, which makes it a crime to discriminate against an employee due to their sexual orientation. When an employer violates your rights, they can be held accountable for their actions.

Representation in Wrongful Termination Actions

Most San Bernardino employees are considered at-will workers. If you are an at-will worker, your employer can fire or let you go if they decide to, without stating a reason for doing so. Whether they want to replace you with a relative or eliminate your position, they can let you go off at will.

However, there are exclusive reasons that a company cannot terminate your employment under the law. Your employer cannot fire you on the grounds of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, or being a whistleblower. Being fired under any of these circumstances can be considered wrongful termination, and your employer may be subject to legal action.

San Bernardino Whistleblower Protections

In San Bernardino, whistleblowers are safeguarded from retaliation at the state and federal levels. A whistleblower could not face any form of retaliation or be fired by their employer if they reported illegal activity at the workplace. Undocumented immigrants also have protection against retaliation if they report discrimination or unsafe work conditions.

Resolving Claims of Unpaid Wages

Under California law, workers should be paid fairly and on time. However, not all employers abide by these laws. Common wage and hour violations include:

  • Not paying workers for time spent at work
  • Failing to provide adequate breaks and leaves as required by law
  • Asking employees to work through their breaks
  • Not paying workers the current wage

Workplace Harassment in San Bernardino

Workplace harassment is illegal in San Bernardino. Harassment can be defined as unwelcome conduct based on color, sex, age, race, pregnancy, and national origin. If harassment negatively affects you or creates a work environment that is hostile, intimidating, or unsafe, you may seek legal recourse.

Contact an Employment Attorney in San Bernardino, CA

Employment laws in San Bernardino can be complex and confusing. You may also feel intimidated blowing a whistle against your employer with vast resources. But remember, you have rights that must be protected.

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