Workplace discrimination is illegal in Kern County, California. Any form of discrimination at the workplace based on the protected classes: disability, religion, age, national origin, race, or any other, is punishable by various penalties and fines. As an employee in Kern County, you have a legal right to act against discrimination at the workplace.

At Limonjyan Law Group, we specialize in employment law and can help protect your rights and pursue justice if you have been mistreated at work. Get in touch with us for legal advice and support if you believe you have experienced violations of your rights.

Employee Rights in Kern

Kern employees are protected by California labor and employment laws. Workers have a reasonable right to:

  • A safe working environment safe from discrimination and hazardous conditions that could cause injuries.
  • Be paid fair wages for hours spent at work
  • Protection against workplace retaliation
  • Meals and rest breaks in accordance with the law
  • Family and medical leave
  • Protection from wrongful termination

Representation in Wrongful Termination Actions

Employers in Kern County are prohibited from firing employees for the wrong reasons. As an employee, your employer should not terminate your job for exercising your First Amendment rights, participating in whistleblowing activities, using your employee leave rights, or filing a worker’s compensation claim. But if they do, contact the Kern Employment Attorneys at Limonjyan Law Group to help you file a wrongful termination claim against your employer.

Whistleblower Protections

In Kern County, employees cannot face retaliation for reporting state or federal law violations, helping in qui tam claims, opposing workplace discrimination, or requesting reasonable relief for their religious beliefs or disability. If your employer targets you for engaging in these activities, you can take legal action against them. Our legal team is equipped and ready to help you stand up against your employer in such instances.

Resolving Claims of Unpaid Wages

At Limonjyan Law Group, we have many years of experience resolving claims of unpaid wages. Contact us today if you believe you are owed wages, commissions, double-time, meal payment, or rest breaks. We will walk you through the complicated unpaid wage law to ensure you get what you deserve.

Workplace Harassment

If you have suffered harassment at work, the Limonjyan Law Group can help. We’ll extensively investigate workplace discrimination cases to prepare them for trial. Our Kern employment attorneys work tirelessly to protect your rights and recover fair compensation for your loss and damages. If you have suffered employment harassment, whether sexual, physical, verbal, or psychological harassment, you can count on our legal team to fight for your rights.

Contact an Experienced Kern Employment Law Attorney for Help

If you are a victim of unfair treatment at the workplace, you can rely on our employment attorneys for help. We will thoroughly investigate your case and help you understand your employment rights, laws, and potential claims. 

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