Dangers and Risks While Working in a Warehouse

Almost all jobs have occupational hazards, and working in a warehouse is no different, especially since warehouse work comes with an array of risks. Working in a warehouse may expose you to injuries such as strains, sprains, and overexertions from harmful substances to heavy loads.

Common Causes of Warehouse Injuries in California

While working at warehouses, workers perform various tasks, including labeling items, breaking down bulk materials, inventory control, packaging, and truck loading. Some of the most common causes of warehouse injuries in California include:

Heavy Equipment: When warehouse workers operate with heavy equipment like forklifts daily, they get too confident and comfortable. If you underestimate a heavy machine, there can be severe consequences. For example, you can sustain long-term injuries resulting from awkward postures or the repetitive movements required to load or off-load trucks. Therefore, every employee working around heavy equipment must understand the dangers of handling each machine.

Slips and Falls: Warehouse workers can slip or fall on wet surfaces or when the warehouse is poorly lit or cluttered. Sawdust, dirt, and sand accumulation on warehouse floors can be a slipping hazard. A fall can cause back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or broken bones. Besides, employees who work at heights are more likely to sustain severe injuries in case of a fall.

Harmful Substances: Most warehouses stock hazardous chemicals or substances. Products containing toxic chemicals can spill, causing lingering health problems. Sometimes, employees may violate OSHA tagout or lockout standards, exposing themselves to electrocution. Besides, flammable chemicals stored in the warehouses can also pose serious hazards.

Cumulative Trauma: Cumulative Trauma Disorder is one of the most significant risks lurking in warehouses. It occurs when muscles, nerve tissues, and tendons wear and tear excessively over an extended period due to repetitive motion. Warehouse workers who develop these injuries often experience loss of mobility and chronic pain that usually require surgery. Since it develops gradually, cumulative trauma disorder is difficult to avoid or detect.

Fires and Explosions: If a warehouse has exposed wires, flammable fluids, and improper ventilation, fires and explosions are more likely to occur. Burns can cause extreme pain, scalds, or death.

How a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help

If you have sustained injuries at your workplace, you are entitled to recover compensation. Reach out to a worker’s compensation lawyer to discover your options. The attorney will offer the help you need to fight for your rights.

Workers’ compensation lawyers at Limonjyan Law Group are dedicated to offering you the representation you deserve. Your insurance company or employer can probably try to deny your claim, so we will gather the evidence to ensure you recover the maximum allowable benefits by law. 
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